Parish of St Teresa of Avila

Welcome to the Parish of

St Teresa of Avila, St Helens

Our Parish is a home where individuals and families gather to celebrate and deepen their spiritual journey together. Guided by our commitment to serving God and others, we strive to grow closer to God through the Eucharist.

A little bit About us

St Teresa of Avila’s Catholic Parish is a vibrant community coming together through prayer, worship, fellowship and service, living out the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Mass Times
Sunday: 11.00am (also in BSL Sign Language)
Tuesday: 9.15am
Thursday: 9.15am

Adoration & Confessions
1st Thursday of the month with Evening Prayer and Confessions from 6pm – 7m

Parish Registration and Sacramental Enrolment

If you would like to become a registered member of our Parish, please click on the button below. Continue reading to learn more about Sacramental Enrolment.


Baptism is a sacred sacrament that marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith. At St. Austin, we joyfully welcome individuals of all ages into the embrace of God’s love through the sacrament of baptism.

What is Baptism? Baptism is a momentous occasion where individuals are initiated into the Christian faith. It is a celebration of God’s grace and a commitment to living a life in accordance with Christ’s teachings.

If you wish to apply for a baptism, come to mass and speak to one of the Parish Team and they will give you a baptism form.

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion is a cherished milestone in a Catholic’s journey, typically occurring around the age of seven or eight. It’s a pivotal moment when children receive the body and blood of Christ for the first time, deepening their connection to the Church. Through preparation and education, they learn about the significance of the Eucharist, understanding its spiritual importance and the teachings of Jesus. First Communion marks a significant step in their faith, inviting them to partake in this sacred sacrament and fostering a lifelong relationship with God through the act of receiving the Eucharist.

An initial invitation will be sent out via the school and forms can be collected from the Church.

“A few words from Fr Martin Kershaw”

Fr Martin Kershaw

Parish Priest

Contact Us

Click on the button below to send us a message. We will reply to your query as soon as possible. Thank you for contacting St Teresa’s Parish.

St Teresa of Avila

Devon Street,
St Helens,
WA10 4HX

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